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Adela Falco,OSCI
When Adela saw the partridge on Donna's new book she immediately knew that the tray she had seating on the shelf for so long waiting for that special design was the perfect surface for it!
She used the new Enamel paints that she loves so much in combination with the new brushes and - VOILA!!! He comes alive! Had a class with the partridge painted on 12"x12" tiles and all the students were thrilled with the new Enamels!
For more information you can contact Adela at:
631- 434-7013

Marlene Richardson
Marlene is a major recycler, she looks at everything that would be disposed of and sees how she can revamp it and give it a new look. And look what she's done with these linoleum samples her sister picked up for her from a local linoleum shop, (free at that.) She sands them down and lets her creative flair take over. She enjoyed painting petunias, roses, and phloxes. Then she adds a great metallic border. There you have it, quick and inexpensive gifts. Marlene says, "I had a great time painting these but, the best part of all was the look of pleasure on the people's faces that got them for Christmas."
Marlene Richardson can be contacted at:

JoAnn Whitley, OSCI Jo Ann Whitley is on to a great idea. An Interior Design Showroom ordered these painted, light weight hammers for their costumer's gift baskets. Jo Ann enjoyed painting each one a little different.
Jo Ann Whitley can be contacted for more details at:

Dari Kromphold
I started One Stroke painting almost a year ago. I've painted & sold many things in that time, & one day I thought I would paint something "just for me". I sat down to paint with no idea what I was going to do & this tissue box is the end result.

I may be contacted at:

Shirley Fechner and Tricia Nabors
Shirley and Tricia enjoyed painting flowers, animals, butterflies and other various items on these oversized ceramic eggs. These two ladies met each other a year ago when they started working together. Shirley had seen Donna on her local PBS Station and ordered one of her kits. Tricia heard Shirley sharing this information and ask to see her workbook. Needless to say they have been painting partners ever since. Shirley and Tricia plan to go to certification in Birmingham in May, thanks to the sell of their eggs. They also plan to attend CE in 2004. Their goal is to start their own painting business so they can paint full time.
Shirley Fechner, can be contacted at:

Lynn Lira Lynn discovered One Stroke Painting this past spring, after watching Donna on QVC and ordering the Expanded Basics Kit. Donna's technique was fun and easy to learn, and soon her "computer room" was filled with One Stroke Painting books and surfaces ready to be transformed into beautiful hand-painted works of art. As Lynn's confidence grew, she decided to apply her new talents to Christmas gifts. Lynn loved the painted mailboxes she had seen in Donna's books and in many fellow One Stroke artist's websites. She created this mailbox for her aunt, who loves both gardening and bird watching.
Lynn can be reached at:

Deb Allen, O.S.C.I.

This American Eagle is perhaps one of the easiest OneStroke classes I have had the pleasure of teaching. Inspired by historical prints from our countries birth, as well as my love for calligraphy and the wonderful birds which were penned by masters of long ago. The Bald Eagle is a symbol of victory because he is not afraid of a storm, and knows how to embrace the storm which can take him to greater heights!

The 13 stars above the eagle represent the 13 colonies. This Bald Eagle is landing, and carrying in its' beak red and blue ribbons. The red ribbons represent courage and valor while the blue ribbons represent perseverance and justice. The white background stands for purity The gold rim adds a touch of royalty and endurance due this magnificent bird!

You may contact Deb for more information at:

Susan Wimbley,OSCI
Susan says fabric is her true love. It is fun to paint and often needs no more than a sewing machine to finish no framing, unless desired. She also enjoys working on a black background. A fun combination of these two passions is pillows or wall hangings. Susan uses black duck fabric and then regular Folk Art paints. Then she heat sets. Often she will then add glitters and dimensional accents to the finished design. On the large pillow quilt batting was used and she outlined the major design elements with thread, creating a soft sculpture. When completed, it is turned right side to right side with a backing fabric of choice and stitched all the way around, leaving an opening for turning.
These are striking as gifts, or as a sale item.
Susan teaches at Ben Franklin Crafts in York, PA, offers seminars and private lessons, and travel teaches.
Susan can be contacted at:

Colleen Reitz, OSCI Colleen loves to create new designs with various flowers she has learned. She applied a faux finish on the background then added vines and flowers around the bucket. To bring the lid into the design, Colleen painted vines and leaves then continued with a few flowers around the top. This is a wonderful piece to work on and a great seller! Remember to seal it with an outdoor lacquer at least 3 times.
For more information contact her Studio at:
A Stroke of Art, Inc.
Colleen Reitz, OSCI
40385 Route 48
Southold, NY 11971

Athena Wade, OSCI Athena Wade participates in quite a few crafts shows during the year, and this set of Goblets seemed to catch everyone¹s eye as they walk into her craft booth. Athena feels the Goblets should be even more appealing with the new enamel paints that are dishwasher safe.
Athena Wade, OSCI, can be contacted at:
1663 Timbergate Trail
Blairsville, Ga. 30512

Donna Brennan, OSCI
This charming little chair was painted by Donna Brennan for her sweet little 2 year old granddaughter, Amanda. Donna wanted it to compliment the existing colors in Amanda¹s room. She used a delicate green faux finish on the sides, back and seat of the chair. The remaining areas of the chair are painted in a warm white. She added pink draping rosebuds to the top front area of the rocking chair and a delicate doily with roses and flowers to the seat area for an even more feminine look.
Donna Brennan, OSCI, can be contacted at:

Pat Knowlton
Pat painted these plates to coordinate with her new dining room colors after seeing similar patterns in some tole painting magazines. Although the patterns were originally written for oils, Pat converted them to utilize the one stroke technique. They were fast, fun, easy, and done very economically using inexpensive clear glass plates.
You may contact Pat for more information: