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reverse painting on glass
by Donna Dewberry

1. Sketch Pattern

2. Place glass plate upside down over sketch with the back of the plate facing upward.

3. Double load #12 enamel brush with Thicket and Fresh Foliage. Pick up a touch of Sunflower on the Fresh Foliage side and work into brush. Paint leaf stems on the glass.

4. Dip the handle of the script liner brush into School Bus Yellow and dot centers of flowers making 5 ­ 6 dots for each flower.

5. Allow to dry completely before proceeding.

TIP: A blow dryer (on low setting) may be used to speed up drying between steps.

6. Double load #12 brush with Purple Lilac and Wicker White. Pick up a touch of Violet Pansy or Midnight on the Purple Lilac side. Paint 5 petal flowers. For a variety of color, alternate picking up Violet Pansy and Midnight.

7. Allow to dry completely.

8. Double load #12 brush with Thicket and Fresh Foliage. Pick up a touch of Wicker White on the Fresh Foliage side and work in for a lighter hue. Paint wiggle leaves. Alternate with full wiggle leaves and wiggle/push & slide leaves.

9. Add more leaves where needed to fill in design.

10. Add clusters of one-stroke leaves, pulling in stems.

11. Load #12 script liner with Thicket and a touch of Fresh Foliage. Paint bodies of butterflies by touching, leaning bristles slightly and pulling. Touch and pull into body to form antennas.

12. Double load #12 flat brush with School Bus Yellow and Wicker White. Paint wings, push & pull toward body. Touch, lean and pull for smaller wings.

13. Allow to cure 21 days or bake. Bake: Air dry for 1 hour. Place in cool oven, heat to 350 degrees. Bake 30 minutes. Cool in oven, remove