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under the sea totebag
by Marybeth Herold, OSCI

Under the Sea Tote Bag
Marybeth Harold,OSCI
Supplies used in the project:
Folk Art Acrylic Colors
639 French Blue
441 Sterling Blue
945 Maple Syrup
939 Butter Pecan
936 Licorice
901 Wicker White
Folk Art Metallics
656 Blue Sapphire
655 Aquamarine
660 Pure Gold
652 Rose
654 Amethyst
491 Christmas Green
One Stroke Brushes:
3/4 flat
#12 flat
#2 script liner
Canvas Tote BAG(can be purchased at WalMart, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels)
Graphite Transfer Paper
*Before you Start place a piece of freezer paper inside the bag to protect it from having the paint soak through to the other side of the bag.*
Painting Instructions: See Photo for Placement and Painting Directions
Step 1- Paint sand background on lower 1/3 of the bag in a gentle curve. Load # 3/4 brush with (939)Butter Pecan and make full brush stroke the width of the bag on the lower part of the bag, then make full brush strokes of (945)Maple Syrup over lapping the Butter Pecan. You should see some of the canvas bag thru the strokes. Now load the brush with (660)Pure Gold and go over sand area with a few be loose strokes
Next paint the water using the same method using (639) French Blue and then (441) Sterling Blue on upper 2/3 of the canvas bag.
Now load the brush with (656)Metallic Blue Sapphire and then (655) Aquamarine and make full brush storks over the water area. You should be able to see all four colors of paint when your finished.
Step 2- Place template for fish on the bag and trace around it with a pencil then do the same thing with Star Fish template. See Photo for placement.
Then basecoat both fish and starfish in with (901)Wicker White. Let Dry. Then replace fish pattern and trace on details of the fish using a light touch and graphite paper.
Step 3 - Paint the body of the fish with either (652) Rose or (654) Amethyst which ever color of fish you want. Then paint the fins with (655)Aquamarine for the Rose fish or (652) Rose for the Amethyst fish. Avoid the eye area and leave white. Paint inner circle of eye (936) Licorice. Paint the fish’s mouth with Licorice. Doubleload the #12 brush with the fish body color and (660)Pure Gold and stroke around the body of the fish do the same thing with the fins. Using the
appropriate color and pure gold. On Tail paint more(660)Pure Gold to every other section of the tail.
Step 4- Paint Star Fish (660)Pure Gold then double load the #12 with (945) Maple Syrup and Pure Gold , and with Maple Syrup to the outside go around the body of the Star Fish. With Maple Syrup shade with the #12 loaded on one corner and stroke underneath of the Star fish.
Step 5 - Basecoat the 3 Bubbles by loading your #12 brush with (639) French Blue make 3 round circles to form the bubbles. Let dry then doubleload your brush with French Blue and
(656)Blue Sapphire , with the Blue Sapphire to the outside go around the outer edge of the 3 bubbles.
Step 6- Do Liner work. Using the Liner Brush. Outline the Fish(body, fins, tail and eye), with inky (936) Licorice. Outline the Star Fish with inky(945)Maple Syrup and make little body accent marks. Load Liner with inky (901)Wicker White and make 3 small dots in the black part of the fish eye. Line the fishes mouth with Wicker White. With liner brush using inky Wicker White on the inside of the bubbles make a squiggle. Then line outside of the bubbles with inky Licorice.
Make squiggles here and there on the water area of the bag. Making some wicker white and some metallic sapphire blue.
Step 7- Paint the Seaweed using the #12 brush, double-load with (497) Christmas Green and (660) Pure Gold. Paint freehand with branches going out and up. Overlap the fish here and there. Don’t paint the seaweed solid. Accent the seaweed using the liner brush with touches of (945)Maple Syrup and (660) Pure Gold.
Tip*when doing all liner work try to stay on the tip of the liner brush, don’t let the bristles mash out*
Finish: Let the Paint totally Dry. It can be Heat Set. Using and iron put a press cloth over the design and press the design with a medium hot iron. Don’t use steam and keep the iron moving.
Enjoy this tote as a Beach bag or just a fun hand painted bag to carry your One Strokes supplies.
Note: This Design can be on any size bag by making the fish smaller or larger. You can even do multiple fish.
Marybeth lives in Huntsville, Alabama with her husband, Bill. She has a grown daughter, Angela, who lives in Cary, NC with her husband Jay. Marybeth is a transplant to the South from Ohio, but a true southerner in her heart. She has been teaching in the Huntsville area for 2 years since receiving her Certification in Charlotte, North Carolina. She shared the experience of Certification with her great internet friends, the Charlotte Websters.
Being chosen to teach two classes at the BEE, Donna Dewberry’s painting convention in March, 2003, is her greatest painting achievement thus far.
She is a board member of NEACA (North East Alabama Crafters Association), and a member of the Society of Decorative Painters.
Her greatest joy is teaching and sharing the One Stroke Method of painting with others.
Future goals are to finish her Elite workbook and also have other designs published.
Instructions by:
Marybeth Herold
13010 Percivale Drive
Huntsville, Alabama 35803