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goldfish bowl
by Donna Dewberry

By Donna Dewberry
Gold Fish Bowl ? Available at Hobby Lobby or your local Walmart
FolkArt Enamel Colors

-4008 Pure Orange

-4001 Wicker White

-4016 School Bus Yellow

-4025 Colbalt Blue

-4019 Fresh Foliage
FolkArt One Stroke Enamel Brushes - Set 4150
-# 12 Flat & Script Liner


-Foam Plates

-Paper Towels

-Goldfish & Gravel, Optional


Clean surface with alcohol and allow to dry. Trace or draw pattern on project if desired.

Painting Instructions

(Refer to color worksheet throughout)
Double load #12 flat brush with Pure Orange and School Bus Yellow. Paint the body of the fish. With the same brush paint the fins of the fish.
With brush handle dot the eyes with Wicker White. (Let Dry.) Make smaller dot with Cobalt Blue.
Use the end of the #12 flat brush and paint the bubbles.
Load #12 brush flat brush with Fresh Foliage and paint sea weed.
Allow to cure 21 days or bake. Bake: Air dry for 1 hour. Place in cool oven, heat to 350 degrees. Bake 30 minutes. Cool in oven, remove.
Add blue gravel and fish.

owls under the moon
by Susan Wimbley, OSCI

Susan Wimbley, OSCI
Glass plate (available from the Dollar Stores or in dozen lots from kitchen stores)
2 Flat Smooth Rocks
A small tree branch
Folk Art Paints:
Light Blue #402
Wicker White #901
Licorice #938
Maple Syrup #945
Schoolbus Yellow #736
Thicket #924
Engine Red #436
FolkArt Metallics
Gold Metallic #660
Matte Sealer #773
Starter Strokes Basic Set or Liner and #12 Flat
1= Foam brush
Household Sponge or Scruffy Brush
Plaid Spouncers/Daubers 5/8= and small
E 6000 Adhesive
Wipe plate with alcohol to clean off any sticky residue or dirt. Dry. Spray or brush on Matte Sealer on the back of the plateä. Streak on light blue for the sky in the center of the plate with a sponge brush. While the blue is still wet, using a household sponge or scruffy brush, pat on Wicker White to form the clouds. You want them to show through the blue paint to be visible from the top of the plate! When dry, seal with matte sealer.
Paint rocks per pattern and worksheet. Since every rock and branch is different, the pattern and layout will vary and is for guidance onlyä. No need to trace onto the surface.
Decide on position for your owls and then paint background leaves with #12 Flat brush in Thicket/School Bus Yellow using #12 Flat., Add moon with a double loaded 5/8= or larger (if desired) Spouncer in double loaded in Wicker White/Schoolbus. Touch to the surface and twist slightly. Add leaves, branches and berries on the rim of the plate as desired to form a border.
Use small Spouncer loaded in Engine Red to make Ladybugps body. Add details in Licorice.
Add Brush handle dots in gold to random spot is the design.
Use #12 Flat double loaded in Thicket/School Bus Yellow to make One Stroke leaves around rim of the plate. Then using Engine Red/Wicker White double loaded on a small Spouncer, add some berries by touching and twisting slightly.
Glue branch and rock owls to the plate with E 6000 and let dry.
Sponge gold around the rim of the plate.
When dry, seal with gloss sealer.
Contact: Susan Wimbley
165 Furlong Way
Red Lion, PA 17356
Bio for Susan Wimbley, OSCI
Prior to relocating to PA in October 2001, Susan studied with Elite One Stroke Instructor Dorothy Bishop, in Baltimore, for over a year.
She caught the addiction early, and has painted on =anything that did not move.= Her new home in Red Lion, PA is full of murals, painted furniture, faux finishing and accent pieces.
Susan started her education as an art major at Towson University, in Towson, MD, but got sidetracked with marriage and children. She has dabbled over the last 30 years in various crafts, but with One Stroke she found her true artistic passion. =Teaching One Stroke has offered me a great transition into a new community, and following Donnaps sharing model has become my daily way of life. Teaching was my goal in 1963--- it only took a lifetime to finally reach it. I thank Donna every day for leading me down the most fulfilling road I can imagine.=
She currently teaches at Ben Franklin Crafts in York, PA; Adult Education and local Senior Centers. She also offers personal instruction and travels offering workshops and seminars.
=I always wanted initials behind my name. My kids have MS, and RNä. but OSCI will do for me!=
Susan Wimbley
165 Furlong Way
Red Lion, PA 17356

watermelon sun visor
by Shelby Spencer, OSCI

Watermelon Sun Visor
Shelby Spencer,OSCI
Materials: Plastic Sun Visor
Available at Wal-Mart or local Craft Store
Engine Red- #436
Wicker White- #901
Licorice- #938
School Bus Yellow- #736
Green Forest- #448
Starter Stroke Brushes
Blue Brush- #4 round
Green Brush- ¾= flat
Yellow Brush- scruffy
Water basin
Paper towels
Foam plates
FolkArt Lacquer-Satin Finish #774
Clean sun visor with alcohol.
Painting Instruction:
Double load green brush with Green Forest and School Bus Yellow. Paint
the rim of the sun visor with Green Forest on the outside edge.
Double load yellow brush (scruffy) with Engine Red and Wicker White.
Pounce the visor overlaying on the School Bus Yellow.
Load blue brush (#4 round) with Licorice and paint seeds. Now pick up
Wicker White on the tip on the brush and add a highlight on each seed.
Refer to color work sheet.
Allow paint to dry and spray visor with lacquer.
Artist Bio:
Shelby lives with her husband, Harold in Castle Hayne, a small town north of
Wilmington, NC. Shelby began painting in 1995 and soon discovered One
Stroke painting. She attended certification in Atlanta (2002) and began
teaching in June. She currently teaches at a local art center and at her home
studio. Teaching is great fun for Shelby. She loves to see beginner students complete their first project.
Shelby loves to paint on all surfaces from glass to walls. She especially likes to paint
on walls and has painted most of her wall at her home. Her most recent job was at a
Dentist office, where she painted a beach scene on the walls. You can see pictures of the walls on her web site:
Shelby Spencer, OSCI
6402 Grandview Dr.
Castle Hayne, NC 28429
Web site:

firefly nightlight
by Renee Dawson, OSCI

Renee Dawson, OSCI
Nightlight adapter (available at
=or= design could easily be adapted to a Porcelain nightlight available from:
FolkArt Acrylic Colors
#402 Light Blue
#901 Wicker White
#938 Licorice
FolkArt Sparkles
#255 Iridescent Pearl
FolkArt Metallics
#658 Antique Gold
FolkArt One Stroke Brushes
#1172 Small Scruffy
#10 Flat
#2 Flat
#1 Script
Script Liner
? Tracing Paper
? Pencil
? Black Transfer Paper
? Stylus
? Foam Plates
? Water Basin
? Paper Towels
? FolkArt Matte Acrylic Sealer
Load Scruffy with Light Blue and pounce background. While base coat is still a little tacky, pick up a touch of white on one tip of scruffy and pounce lightly in circular motions to create clouds (as many or as little as you like). Transfer your pattern once dry.
Note: Refer to color worksheet for the following steps.
To make åinkyp paint, dip brush into water and work into edge of paint puddle until paint is an inky consistency.
1. Load #10 Flat with inky Wicker White. Work the brush back and forth on palette to work the paint 2/3 of the way up the bristles. Once the brush is full, stand it up on the chisel edge, keep handle straight up and down and paint the wings. Start stroke at the tip of the wing and end at the body. You can make the wings as big or as small as you like depending on the amount of pressure you add during your strokes. Tip: If you choose to paint this design freehand use the hole in the center of the CD as your guide for where to end your wing strokes.
2. Load # 2 Flat with Licorice. Base bugps body and trim around center hole to connect the head to the tail.
3. Load Script Liner with inky Licorice. Keeping handle straight up and down, outline wings, paint veins in wings and add antennae. Use your pinky finger to help guide your strokes. For younger children, the #1 Script may be easier to handle for this step but will create wider lines.
4. Load Script Liner with inky Wicker White and paint lines in bottom part of fireflyps body and the mouth.
5. Using handle of Scruffy, dot eye area with Wicker White. Re-dot eyes using Licorice, still allowing some of the white on the bottom, and half way up each side, to show. Add white highlight with Script Liner or #1 Script. Tip: Allow drying time between each of these steps.
6. Load # 10 Flat with Iridescent Pearl Glitter Sparkles and stroke over wings.
7. Load Script Liner (or #1 Script) with Metallic Antique Gold. Outline fireflyps body, stroke over white lines in bottom portion of body, and black veins in wings to soften.
8. Load Script Liner with inky Licorice to paint lettering and flying trail. Dot the ends of each letter with Licorice using Stylus or handle of Script Liner. Dot åevery otherp line in flying trail with Licorice and Wicker White.
9. Sign your name with Script Liner and inky Licorice.
Allow project to dry (cure) 24 hours and then finish with 2-3 coats of sealer. Allow sufficient drying time between applications. Once project has cured another 24 hours, affix nightlight adapter to project and enjoy! The light will shine through the center of the fireflyps body, through the hole in the center of the CD, and will be a delight for children of all ages.
RenÈe lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband of 10 years and 2 children: Sarah - 4 and Sam - 6.
RenÈe has worked for a Medical Manufacturing Company, as the Inside Sales Manager, for the past 4 years. Prior to that she worked for 10 years at the Automotive Division of the same company as the Production Coordinator. Although her current schedule does not allow much time for teaching, her dream is to resume teaching some day, focusing on classes for both children and adults.
Discovering One Stroke and Donna Dewberry in 1999 opened up a world of opportunities. When she saw Donnaps Decorative Muralps book in a local craft shop, she knew exactly what she wanted to do and hasnpt looked back since. RenÈe received her certification in Toronto in April 2001 and attended Cathy Beckerps Wall Workshop in April 2002. She feels blessed for all the wonderful friendships, through painting, that have developed and will last a lifetime.
Thank you Donna for introducing me to the wonderful world of decorative painting!
RenÈe Dawson, O.S.C.I.
109 Lemoine Street
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
K8P 4G8
(613) 966-7756