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benched chicken
by Susan DePalma

Susan Depalma
Surface: Wooden Bench, available at most craft and Walmart stores
FolkArt Acrylics
Berry Wine #434
Thicket #924
Whicker White #901
Burnt Umber #462
FolkArt Metallics
Inca Gold, Metallic #676
ForkArt Artists’ Pigments
Yellow Ochre #917
Burnt Umber #462
OneStroke Brushes
Script Liner: #2
Flat Brushes: #2, #12 and ¾
Other Supplies
Floating Medium #868
Matte Lacquer Spray
Surface Prep:
Sand bench if necessary
Base coat, your choice of colors
I used Barn Red
Use sand paper to “age” the edges if desired.
Transfer pattern onto surface if desired.
Double load the ¾ inch brush with Yellow Ochre and Wicker White. Paint the body of the rooster. Pick up Berry Wine, Burnt Umber and Inca Gold on occasion without cleaning your brush.
Double load the #12 with Berry Wine and Yellow Ochre and paint the comb and waddle.
Load the #2 with Yellow Ochre and paint the beak.
Paint the head with the ¾ flat, using the same colors as the body but with more Berry Wine.
Paint the tail feathers on with the ¾” on the chisel edge. Apply pressure to make thicken. Double load with different combinations of: Berry Wine, Yellow Ochre, Thicket and Inca Gold. Use the Inca Gold as a side load onto the other combinations.
Load #2 script liner with Inky Burnt Umber. Paint the eye and beak details.
Load #2 script liner with Wicker White and add beak and eye highlights. Use some Inca Gold on the eye if desired. Also use the Inca Gold on the script liner to add additional highlights to the comb, head, body and tail feathers.
Load #12 flat with Yellow Ochre, Wicker White and side load Inca Gold and make the nest.
When project is completely dry, spray the entire bench with several coats of Matte Lacquer sealer.
Artist Bio:
I live in North Huntingdon, PA with my hubby Richard. I have two beautiful daughters, Jennifer and Amber and a 3 year old; joy of a grandson, Kane. I work as a Business Manager and Office Manager for a law firm. Even though I have always enjoyed crafts and sewing, I could never paint. I saw Donna demonstrating her One Stroke technique about a year and a half ago and order a kit. Getting together once a week with friends we taught ourselves her technique. After amazing myself with skill I didn’t realize I had, I choose to go to Certification in June of 2002.
I display and sell my work in two local shops and an occasional small craft show.
I teach classes at The Crafty Shack, a local craft store and do Home Demo Classes as well as a demonstration for a local Women’s Group of over 60 ladies! This is when I realized how this painting has changed me. I am usually a very shy person, but having this painting technique in my life, I have developed into a more outgoing person! It has built a confidence in me that nothing else ever had. I have also made wonderful friendships because of the painting.
My real love is painting walls and furniture. That is the area in which I hope to develop a following of clientele.
In the middle of a hectic day at work, I sometimes find myself thinking, “I don’t need this! I could be home painting!!”
Susan DePalma, OSCI