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dragonfly wine glass
by Donna Dewberry

Dragonfly Wine Glass
By Donna Dewberry
Glass Wine Glass (Local Walmart Store)
FolkArt Enamel Colors

-4001 Wicker White

- 4026 Midnight

-4017 Lemon Custard
-4018 Sunflower
-4007 Berry Wine
-4035 Clear Medium
-4022 Thicket
-4015 Yellow Ochre

FolkArt One Stroke Enamel Brushes - Sets 4150 & 4151

#12 and #2 Flats

-# 1 Script Liner

-Foam Plates
-Paper Towels


Clean surface with alcohol and allow to dry. Trace or draw pattern on project if desired.

Painting Instructions

(Refer to color worksheet throughout)
Paint plaid designs on bottom of wine glass using Sunflower, Berry Wine and Midnight.
Double load #2 flat brush with Midnight and Wicker White and paint first 3 segments of body. Pick up a small amount of Berry Wine on the Midnight side and paint the rest of the body segments.
Double load #12 flat brush with Lemon Custard and Thicket. Paint a few grass blades and flower stalks.
Double load #12 flat brush with Berry Wine and Sunflower. Dip into Clear Medium and paint the wings. (Let Dry)
Load #1 Script Liner with Midnight and paint lines into wings.
Double load #12 flat brush with Thicket and Sunflower. Add more grass and stalks.
Load #1 script liner with Lemon Custard and add flowers. Alternate with Wicker White and Yellow Ochre to add different colors.
Allow to cure 21 days or bake. Bake: Air dry for 1 hour. Place in cool oven, heat to 350 degrees. Bake 30 minutes. Cool in oven, remove.