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spring pattern olive jar
by Donna Dewberry

Spring Pattern Olive Jar
By Donna Dewberry
Empty Olive Jar (Local Grocery Store)
FolkArt Enamel Colors

-4001 Wicker White

-4024 Hydrangea

-4017 Lemon Custard

-4019 Fresh Foliage

-4003 Baby Pink

-4028 Lilac
FolkArt One Stroke Enamel Brushes - Sets 4150 & 4151

#12 and #6 Flats

-# 1 Script Liner

-Foam Plates
-Paper Towels

-Wooden button or small knob


Clean surface with alcohol and allow to dry. Trace or draw pattern on project if desired.

Painting Instructions

(Refer to color worksheet throughout)
Paint lid of jar using Fresh Foliage.
Double load #12 flat brush with Lilac and Wicker White. Paint five petal flowers. Alternate using White and Lilac on outer edge.
Load #1 liner brush with Whicker White and paint wave under flowers.
Load #1 liner brush with Hydrangea. Paint wave under white wave and at bottom of jar.
Load #6 flat brush with Baby Pink. Paint blocks leaving enough room in between for dots later.
Paint blocks at bottom of jar also.
Load #1 liner brush with Lemon Custard and paint line under pinks blocks and above the blocks at the bottom leaving enough space for leaves.
Double load #12 flat brush with Fresh Foliage and Wicker White. Paint vine around jar.
With same colors and brush paint onestroke leaves. Pull stems into leaves using #1 script liner.
Using end of brush, paint dipped in Wicker White, dots between pink blocks
Allow to cure 21 days or bake. Bake: Air dry for 1 hour. Place in cool oven, heat to 350 degrees. Bake 30 minutes. Cool in oven, remove.
Glue wood top on lid.