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strawberry tray
by Parampreet Kalra

STRAWBERRY TRAY Parampeet Narula
Source Of Surfaces - Any craft store.
FolkArt Paints-
· Licorice #938
· Whicker White #901
· Lemon Custard Yellow #735
· Thicket #924
· Engine Red #436
Artist’s Pigments-
Burnt Carmine #686
Yellow Ochre #917
One Stroke #12 flat
One Stroke #10 flat
One Stroke #8 flat
One Stroke ¾” flat
Script Liner
Polyurethane or Folk-Art Matte Acrylic #773 Sealer
Additional Supplies-
Tracing Paper
White transfer Paper
Sand Paper
Sponge Applicator
Cloth Rag
Step-by Step Painting Instructions:
Sand the unfinished wooden tray and wipe off the dust with a cloth rag properly.
Prime the tray with the Primer/Sealer.
Lightly sand the tray again to remove any lumps or drops of primer, and wipe off dust properly.
Paint the tray with 2 coats of Licorice paint, allowing time between the coats.
Trace the pattern on the tray using white transfer paper just as a guideline to what goes where.
Next basecoat each leaf, strawberry and flower in the pattern with a coat of white paint, because black color shows through other colors even after 2 coats. So base coating the pattern with white solves the problem.
Now start by painting a layer of wiggle leaves & one stroke leaves, referring to the steps shown in the worksheet.
Then paint the strawberries in an overlapping manner to give dimension to the pattern.
Paint the small one stroke leaves in a set of 4-5 to form the top of the strawberry.
10. Paint the berry blossoms here and there to fill the pattern.
11. Add a final touch by adding some curlicues.
12. Let the paint dry & then varnish the tray or use acrylic sealer to seal the tray.
I’m Parampreet (Priti).
I am 25 and have always loved painting. I am from India which has a rich heritage of paintings, sculptures etc. I have always been fascinated by free hand painting and wanted to paint directly with brush, instead of going through the laborious and cumbersome process of getting a pattern, tracing it, transferring it etc.
The day I saw Donna’s One stroke painting technique program on TV, while surfing through channels, I immediately realized that it was the solution I was looking for. Ever since that day, I have been painting using Donna’s One Stroke painting techniques. My friends and family admire and praise my work and that inspires me to learn as much as I can. I also got a lot of appreciation from crafts shows where I displayed my artwork. I have been learning this technique for over a year now, and plan to get certified this year.
Parampreet (Priti) can be contacted at: