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winterland panda
by Dot Bishop, Elite OSCI

By Dot Bishop, Elite OSCI

-Wooden Tray, Available in Local Craft Stores

FolkArt Acrylic Colors
-432 Sunflower
-437 Lipstick Red
-639 French Blue
-901 Wicker White
-924 Thicket
-938 Licorice

FolkArt One Stroke™ Brushes
-Script Liner
-6 Filbert
-Small Fan
-6 Flat
-¾” Flat

Additional Supplies
-Sand paper
-Stylus or Pencil
-Transfer Paper
-Hi-Shine Glaze #784

Prepare tray by sanding. Basecoat with Wicker White. Trace pattern, keeping image near left side of tray

(Refer to color worksheet throughout)

Using the small fan brush, fill in area around panda with French Blue, keeping edges soft
 Load the script liner brush with Licorice and fill in pupils. Fill area around eyes leaving small gap around pupils. Paint arm, ears, and legs using Licorice and the filbert brush. Paint in the direction of hair growth. After areas are dry, add touches of French Blue to separate feet and give texture. Thin small amount of Licorice by adding water and with script liner brush, paint the nose and mouth details. Fill in with Wicker White using the filbert brush. Following pattern, add touches of French Blue for shading. Add snow at bottom of tray with fan brush loaded with Wicker White.
Paint holly using script liner brush first for vines and then add leaves by using the ¾ flat brush doubled loaded with Thicket and Sunflower. Tap in pine with the fan brush loaded with Thicket and tipped in Wicker White. Add berries using the wooden end of the script liner brush dipped in Lipstick Red. Using a small amount of thinned Wicker White on the edge of the 3/4 flat brush; paint the edge of the pupil. To paint the highlights on the berries and snowflakes, use the script liner brush tipped in Wicker White

Allow to dry and spray with Hi-Shine Glaze

 “I've been painting and teaching for many years. Along with One Stroke, I teach drawing, FolkArt, oils, and watercolor in local craft stores. I offer private lessons from my home studio in Maryland. I also do commissions and murals.”

Delores Ann Bishop, Elite OSCI, can be contacted at: