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tea time teapot
by Nancy Stolberg, Elite OSCI

By Nancy Stolberg, Elite OSCI

-Nice China Teapot, Available At Most Craft Stores or Discount Stores. This Tea Pot Had Ugly Decals on it that were Covered by Painting.

FolkArt Enamels
-4001 Wicker White
-4022 Thicket
-4011 Butter Pecan
-4007 Berry Wine
-4015 Yellow Ochre

FolkArt Enamel Brushes
-12 Flat
-Script Liner

Wipe surface with alcohol and allow to dry.

(Refer to color worksheet throughout)

Double load the #12 flat brush with Berry Wine and Wicker White. Work from the center towards the outside. Stroke just as you normally would using smooth blending strokes. After each smooth stroke, pick up more Wicker White and tap on the surface in the same direction you just made the strokes to make soft strokes, the brush should bend only slightly, not as much as when you do the smooth blending strokes. Paint the yellow roses using Yellow Ochre and Wicker White. Paint all the roses and the buds.

Double load the #12 flat brush with Thicket and Butter Pecan and following the worksheet, paint the leaves. For the One Stroke leaves, double load the #12 flat brush with Thicket and Wicker White. Start on the chisel edge. Refer to the worksheet.

Allow to dry and cure for 28 days.

Design Created By Nancy Stolberg

Nancy was born the oldest of 7 children to an artistic family. Although her family and later a sister and brother both painted profusely, she thought that painting was not her niche. Nancy was good at the needle arts, excelling in crewel, and silk ribbon embroidery.  

In February 1999, Nancy decided that her drab, dirt brown kitchen cupboards needed a face-lift! After brightening the cupboards with a coat of bright white paint and covering the walls with, cream and blue linen look wallpaper, it looked pretty stark. She decided to paint some flowers on the cupboard doors to add some color and to bring the kitchen a nice homey touch. After all, she had taken 2 tole painting classes about 10 years before!  After many grueling 2:00AM painting sessions she was more convinced than ever that she was just not a painter! The roses looked like dark brown blobs. Determining to complete the cupboards, she began a search for a perfect rose that she could learn to paint so she wouldn't have to stare at this pitiful mess each morning! In her search, she found the beautiful One Stroke Rose. Amazingly her very first attempt on the reusable teaching guide was great! She was thrilled that she could paint! Nancy says, “One Stroke painting gave me the confidence to try my hand at painting and I haven't stopped.” Nancy became a One Stroke Certified Instructor in June 1999 and completed her Elite course in February 2001.

Nancy Stolberg, Elite OSCI, can be contacted at:
Address: 10133 Claudia Rd, Boise, Id. 83714
Phone: 208-440-1920