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christmas kitten
by Julie Motley, Elite OSCI

By Julie Motley, Elite OSCI

-Wooden or Paper Mache Oval Box (appr. 12” x 9”) with tall sides, Available at any Craft Store

FolkArt Acrylic Paints
-901 Wicker White
-427 Ivory White
-660 Metallic Gold
-736 School Bus Yellow
-938 Licorice
-448 Green Forest
-436 Engine Red
-684 Medium Orange
-425 Medium Grey

FolkArt Artists' Pigment
-686 Burnt Carmine
-868 Float Medium

FolkArt One Stroke™ Brushes
-3/4" Flat
-12 Flat
-Script Liner
-Medium Scruffy
-Fan Brush.

Additional Supplies   
-Pencil or Grey Chalk Pencil
-Graphite Transfer Paper  
-FolkArt Satin Lacquer Spray

Load the scruffy brush, ½ Ivory and ½ Wicker White. Pounce all over the surface until fully covered, making sure you do not over mix your colors. Set your project aside and wash your brush. Allow to dry. Use the pattern to trace the kitten and hat. Use the regular or gray chalk pencil to draw in base vines and pine boughs, if desired.

(Refer to color worksheet throughout)

Vine and Pine Boughs:
Double load the #12 flat brush with Green Forest and Sunflower. Using the chisel edge only, stroke in main vine and then add the secondary vines as shown on the worksheet. Choose a few secondary vines and stroke in long pine needles in bundles. Add a few long needles with Metallic Gold.  

Holly Leaves:
Double load the #12 flat brush with Green Forest and School Bus Yellow. Make an upside down V for the starting place for the holly leaf. Stand your bush on the chisel edge, sit the brush down and pivot on the yellow and make green scoops or smiles, each scoop ends with a point.  Make 3-5 points on each side of the leaf. Pull the veins with the chisel edge, while the leaves are wet.

One Stroke Leaves:
Double load the #12 flat brush with Green Forest and School Bus Yellow. Start on the chisel edge, apply pressure and push, turn and lift back to the chisel following arrows on the worksheet. With the chisel edge of your brush, drag vein lines into each leaf or group as leaves as you go. Mix Floating Medium to your dirty brush to make ghost One Stroke Leaves.

Dip a large brush in Engine Red and make dots here and there. When dry add a small white highlight to each berry.   

Dip the script liner in water and stroke next to the green pile of paint, mixing until it is inky. With brush held straight up; let just the very tip of the brush touch the surface and swirl 2-3 circles in one direction and 2 in the other. Sign your name while the brush is loaded.

Double load the ¾ flat brush very full with Engine Red and Burnt Carmine, stroke the outline of the hat first and then fill in the center. Use Burnt Carmine and stroke in the shadow creases. Add highlights with orange.

Hat Fur:
Load the medium scruffy brush with Wicker White and small amount of Grey. Pounce lightly in circles- do not go pounce in the same place twice. Staying within the lines for the fur and ball.                                                                 

Load the #12 flat brush fully in Wicker White, then side load with Grey. Paint the outline of the kitten, including paws, eyes, chin etc. Let dry. Float inside of ears & cheeks with the #12 flat brush double loaded with Wicker White and touch of red to make pink. Load Fan Brush with thinned Licorice. Stroke very thin fur on legs, paws, chest and face in layers- leaving the middle of the face with no fur. Load the fan brush with thinned grey and add more layers of fur. Load the fan brush with thinned Wicker White and add fur highlights. You might need to do these steps several times to get the effect you like. Make sure the grey is dark enough for the whites to show up. When dry float grey shadows around head, arms, paws and under the eyes. Line outside of kitty ears and in-between the toes with thinned Grey and Script Liner. Line eyes, mouth, nose, eyebrows and whiskers in thinned Licorice and Script Liner. Highlight nose with Wicker White.

Hat Details:
Double load the ¾” flat brush with Floating Medium and Metallic Gold, float around the entire kitten and hat. Do the same with very light Green Forest. Add holly, pine boughs and berries at the bottom of the hat.

Allow to dry and spray with 1-2 coats of FolkArt Satin Lacquer.

Design created by Julie Motley, Elite OSCI


Julie has been painting for over 15 years and was certified as a One Stroke Instructor July
2000 and earned her Elite status March 2003. Julie has turned in the requirements to become a Certifying Elite and is very excited to be able to hold her first certification as soon as she finds out if she passed certification. She is also a member of NSDP and NW ToleLiners.

Her family at home includes a supportive husband, four wonderful children ages 11-17, her in-laws, a family friend and dogs, cats and……. Hence the nickname “Motleyzoo”

She has been an instructor for the past 10 years, teaching beginning and intermediate Tole Painting and then One Stroke Painting. Her first love is her family, church and then One Stroke. Her One Stroke travels include helping with the Japan One Stroke program, which was very exciting and rewarding to be involved in. The Donna Dewberry B.E.E. Painting & Crafting Expo chairman is another hat that she lovingly wears and works very hard at. See the www.onestroke webiste for more details. And she still teaches 3 classes a week in her community, an occasional home class and 2 day seminars every 6 months with her OS partners MaryAnn Campbell and Marjean Krupp.

Her family has decided to make One Stroke their family career so Julie along with her husband Marv and all the kids are working hard to make a successful One Stroke business.

Julie enjoys sharing her love of art with anyone who will pick up a brush. Her motto is “The only people who cannot One Stroke are the ones who quit.”

Julie Motley, Elite OSCI, can be reached at:
Phone: 360-893-7395
Fax: 360-893-6916