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butterflies & tulips
book box
by Bertie Porter, OSCI

By Bertie Porter, OSCI
-Paper Mache’ Book Box, Available at Michaels
FolkArt Acrylic Paints
-988 Warm White
-432 Sunflower
-924 Thicket
-901 Wicker White
-434 Berry Wine
FlokArt Artists’ Pigment
-918 Yellow Light
FolkArt Metallics
-660 Pure Gold
FolkArt One Stroke™ Brushes
-3/4” Flat
-12 Flat
-6 Flat
-8 Flat
-Script Liner
Additional Supplies
-868 Floating Medium
-White Transfer Paper
-Tracing Paper
-Stylus or Pencil
-789 Clear Acrylic Sealer
-Paper Towels
Base coat inside and outside of book with 2 to 3 coats of Warm White, allowing to completely dry between coats. Faux Finish: Place generous amounts of Wicker White and Berry Wine on palette. Using dampened sponge; pick up equal amounts of Wicker White and Berry Wine on same side of sponge, with each color on opposite end. Apply paint to surface by pouncing box, moving hand in circular motion as you pounce. Both colors should show on surface.Transfer pattern if desired.
Painting instructions
(Refer to color worksheet throughout)
Double load the ¾” flat brush with Berry Wine and Wicker White add a touch of Sunflower on the Wicker White side. With Wicker White to the outer edge, starting with the middle back petal, paint strokes to form flower. Double load the ¾” flat brush with Thicket and Sunflower. On the chisel edge, touch base of the flower and pull strokes to form stem. Refer to color worksheet.
Note: The tulips on the back and spine are painted using the #8 flat brush.
Double load the #12 flat brush with Thicket and Sunflower. With Thicket to the outer edge, push and pull to form the leaf. For the “turned” leaf – push, slide, lift to chisel edge. Flip brush, push and slide to the chisel edge. Refer to color worksheet.
Double load the #12 flat brush with Berry Wine and Yellow Light. Paint the butterflies according to worksheet. Load the script liner with inky Thicket. Paint body and antennae. Refer to color worksheet.
Book Spine and Imaginary Pages:
Give your “book” a title. Load the #6 flat brush with Pure Gold and paint the ridges. Load the #6 flat brush with Berry Wine and paint between the ridges.
Using a long liner thinned with Floating Medium and Pure Gold. Paint the imaginary pages of the book Sign your work!
When completely dry, spray with 1-2 coats of clear acrylic sealer.
Bertie began painting with oils and gradually switched to watercolor. She first became a member of The Society of Decorative Painters (SDP) in 1989. It only took her “one stroke” to become hooked on ONE Stroke™ painting. She began taking three to four classes a month and completed her certification within the year. After becoming certified she started instructing at local adult communities and campgrounds.
Bertie is married and has one son. Her husband, Bill, is her biggest fan, always telling anyone who will listen that she is a Donna Dewberry ONE Stroke Certified Instructor. She grew up in Maryland, spent her adult life living and working in Delaware. After working for the Delaware Air National Guard for over 30 years she retired and now resides in Florida.
If you need help with this project, feel free to contact Bertie at: