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ribbon and rose photo album
by MarJean Krupp, Elite OSCI

By MarJean Krupp, Elite OSCI

-Pioneer 3 Ring Photo Album, Style #LM100W, Available at Michaels craft stores.

Folk Art Acrylic Paint
-467 Italian Sage
-924 Thicket
-432 Sunflower
-901 Wicker White
-468 Gray Plum

FolkArt Artists' Pigment
-686 Burnt Carmine

-3/4 Flat
-12 Flat
-5/8 Flat
-3/4 Angle
-Script Liner

Additional Supplies
-Wax Palette
-Water Basin/Brush Caddy
-Paper Towels
-Tracing Paper
-1 Wilton Paper Doily 12” Diameter Cut into Fan Shape
-774 Spray Satin Lacquer
-868 Floating Medium.

Spray outside front cover of album with satin lacquer, let dry. Cut doily into a fan shape. Place doily at angle on album and tape down. Load scruffy with Floating Medium and a transparent amount of Italian Sage. Pounce scruffy over entire top of album and over the top of the doily putting paint in all the void areas. Remove doily immediately.With the script liner paint in any areas that you want more detail on the doily that did not stencil through. I also placed an irregular pattern of dab shapes along the bottom of the fan shape and paint a circle shape at the bottom point. Let dry completely.

(Refer to color worksheet throughout)

Double load the ¾”flat brush with Gray Plum and Burnt Carmine. Paint the top rose bud. Set the chisel of the brush in the bud location and make a line then place a line on either side of the width. This now looks like a railroad track “H”. The brush size you use will determine how large your bud will be. I describe flower petals with body parts so everyone knows where they go. The top C stroke is his bald head, a partial scooping C stroke is his smile and a scooping C stroke under that is his chin. All strokes stay within the H shape.

Long Stem Rose:
Double load the5/8“ angle brush with the Gray Plum and Burnt Carmine. Petal #1 in back is a scallop petal with a wiggle wiggle slide out, slide back wiggle wiggle, slide out slide back wiggle wiggle. Start and end on the chisel. See step by step. Petal 2 is a “C” stroke for his bald head. Petal #3 is a scooping “C” stroke for his smile. Petal #4 is a scooping “C” stroke for his chin but only come partially across the front, each stroke setting just a bit lower than the one before it. Petal #5 is like a double chin or a boat shape and it comes from the outside left of the bud pulled down slid across the front and pulled slightly up on the right hand side. You always want to see a bit of dark in between the top of each stroke. Petal #6 reminds me of a shoulder, elbow and an arm. Starting on the left side on the chisel lean the brush bristles slightly out as you pull down then in a scooping motion pull the point across in front of the bud shape, putting his arm in front. Petal #7 is another shoulder, elbow, arm but starting on the right and coming towards the left and ending past the end of the prior stroke. Now our rose needs his hips so and we pull Petal #8 in a press pull to chisel from the left and then Petal #9 is done exactly the same way but pulled form left to right. Long stem Rose #3 on the Right side is almost exactly the same but the first petal is just a basic wiggle scallop shape then all the body parts are put in, the head, the smile, the shoulder elbow arm, and the hip strokes.

Leaves and Stems:
Double load the ¾ flat brush with Sunflower and Thicket. Place the brush at the base of the top rosebud and touch pull to a point for the calyx. When pulling up to get a very thin point let your brush rock up till only the green touches (like a wheelie on a bike). Paint 2 curved leaved at the base one on either side of the bud. Pull a thick stem at an angle from each rose; they all need to cross about in the middle of the fan, so there is room for the ribbon to be tied on. To create the look of thorns touch the chisel edge on the stem edges at a slight angle and touch. Repeat this on each stem from top to bottom. See Step by Step. Paint the wiggle heart shape leaf that points to the left. Double load #12 flat brush with Sunflower and Thicket, put some One Stroke leaves up the stems for filler.You only need a few. The tips of these leaves can act like a partial calyx for the partially open roses.

Double load the ¾” angle brush with Burnt Carmine, Wicker White and just a tiny touch of Gray Plum. Pull the loops of the ribbon out on each side from the stems. Pulling up on the chisel and creating a flip as it comes into the knot area. With the brush ferrule pulling straight, lean the bristles to the left, pull, putting more pressure then less pressure then onto the chisel then lean the bristles to the right and pull with pressure then less pressure then onto the chisel then lean the bristles to the left again pulling down to a point at the bottom corner of the album. The ribbon on the right side is done the same way. Pull to small “C” strokes at the knot area. Paint a wiggle heart leaf over the right side of the ribbon.

Stylus end dipped into Burnt Carmine. To keep dots even, dip into paint dot on edge of ribbon, wipe off. Repeat for each dot on all the dark edges of the ribbon.  

Sign your name with the script liner and inky green. Let dry over night. Spray with Satin Lacquer as a finish.


MarJean Krupp has been painting for years for fun, relaxation and money. Raising four sons and now blessed with five grand daughters and one grand son. Life is GOOD! Her husband Roger has been patient for 35 years while she has painted their world.

Finding One Stroke and certifying as an instructor in 2000 changed her life. Teaching classes from beginners to advanced at Michaels, Joann's, her studio - Krupp Kreations, home classes, seminars and conventions.

Her knowledge is compounded though her associations with Plaid as a national demonstrator, a member of National Society Decorative painters, Pacific NW Toleliners and Pacific Palette's chapters. Painting is her life blood. It thrills her to see beauty come from a brush and to hear the success stories from her students. Twenty two of them certified as OSCI's. MarJean's quickly heading to the next level as a Certifying Elite OSCI, (goal to be complete Nov. 2003).

MarJean is also teaching watercolor, faux finishes, gallery glass, stamp & stencil techniques, Mrs. Lee's dimensional paper art, traditional tole, wall paintings and private and home classes.

Award winning and recognized by Dewberry Designs, Plaid Enterprises, and Joann's for outstanding performances in the number of students taught in 2001 and 2002.

MarJean has kept a successful real estate career going for over 20 years simultaneously with her painting career. Master of time management & juggling, real estate, painting, church, family and with heavens help a moment to rest.  But it's so fun who would want to quit.  “If it doesn't move paint it”.

MarJean is looking forward to 2004 and national travel teaching, complimented with sight seeing and family vacations. Life is GOOD. Thanks to Donna & Marc Dewberry to have made all things possible.
MarJean Krupp
Elite One Stroke Certifies Instructor
Pacific North West Painting Specialist

MarJean Krupp, Elite OSCI, can be contacted at:
Phone: 206 949 8601