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elegant poppy plaque
by MarJean Krupp, Elite OSCI

By MarJean Krupp, Elite OSCI

-4 ½ X 18 Rounded Edge Wood Board, Available at Walmart or Michaels

FolkArt Acrylic Colors
-938 Black Licorice
-901 Wicker White
-736 School Bus Yellow
-924 Thicket Green

FolkArt Artist's Pigment
-463 Dioxazine Purple
-758 Alizarin Crimson Red

FolkArt One Stroke™ Brushes
-3/4” Flat
-8 Filbert
-1/2” Scruffy
-Script Liner

Additional Supplies
-Wax Palette
-One Stroke Water Basin
-Paper Towels
-Practice paper
-White Tracing Paper
-Stylus or Pencil
-Sand Paper 400 Grit.
-Folk Art #772 Spray Sanding Sealer
-FolkArt #774 Spray Satin Lacquer
-FolkArt # 868 Floating Medium.

Seal with sanding sealer, let dry, sand, and wipe dust off with dry towel.
Base Coat: Load ¾ flat brush with Licorice and cover entire surface including sides and inside of hanger hole. Let dry. For a solid coating you might need to do 2 coats. If not smooth sand again lightly and wipe clean. Trace on pattern. I only traced on the oval centers and where the buds were. The petals place themselves.

(Refer to color worksheet throughout)
Load the #12 brush with red and tip the corner in white. Keep a crisp light color edge to the outside. Steps 1, 2, 3; Paint the 3 wiggle back petals on each flower, pay attention to the direction each flower is turned on the board. Wiggle wiggle, slightly slide out, pull back wiggle wiggle. Start and end on chisel. Painting the buds are 1 petal stroke. See the step by step sheet. Step 4: Load scruffy brush with Licorice and pounce oval centers on full flowers. Step 5: Load script liner brush with School Bus Yellow and pull a few stamens lines up and dot the tops, then load the liner brush with Licorice and pull stamen lines and dot the tops. Keep lines curved and small with a variety of black and yellow. Let dry. Steps 6 & 7: Paint front 2 droopy down petals or sideways front petals. Pattern shows top left and top right flowers have droopy lower petals. The 3 lower flowers have more upright petals. See the step by step sheet for a droopy petal versus an upright petal.

Purple Flowers:
Double load the #8 filbert brush with Wicker White and Dioxazine Purple, paint full flowers. Centers are a dot of yellow on the wooden end of the brush handle. Load the script liner brush with Wicker White and place small dots at the top of the centers. The buds are 3 small strokes. See step by step.

Double load the #12 brush with green and white, add a tip of yellow: On chisel pull main vines and stems for Poppies. The buds have a 3 prong calyx attached to the stem. Load the script liner brush with a mixture of green and yellow and pull small vines, bud calyx, stems and forked tipped small leaves for purple flowers. See color worksheet.

Sign Name. Let Dry overnight. Spray with a lacquer.


MarJean Krupp has been painting for years for fun, relaxation and money. Raising four sons and now blessed with five grand daughters and one grand son. Life is GOOD! Her husband Roger has been patient for 35 years while she has painted their world.

Finding One Stroke and certifying as an instructor in 2000 changed her life. Teaching classes from beginners to advanced at Michaels, Joann's, her studio - Krupp Kreations, home classes, seminars and conventions.

Her knowledge is compounded though her associations with Plaid as a national demonstrator, a member of National Society Decorative painters, Pacific NW Toleliners and Pacific Palette's chapters. Painting is her life blood. It thrills her to see beauty come from a brush and to hear the success stories from her students. Twenty two of them certified as OSCI's. MarJean's quickly heading to the next level as a Certifying Elite OSCI, (goal to be complete Nov. 2003).

MarJean is also teaching watercolor, faux finishes, gallery glass, stamp & stencil techniques, Mrs. Lee's dimensional paper art, traditional tole, wall paintings and private and home classes.

Award winning and recognized by Dewberry Designs, Plaid Enterprises, and Joann's for outstanding performances in the number of students taught in 2001 and 2002.

MarJean has kept a successful real estate career going for over 20 years simultaneously with her painting career. Master of time management & juggling, real estate, painting, church, family and with heavens help a moment to rest.  But it's so fun who would want to quit.  “If it doesn't move paint it”.

MarJean is looking forward to 2004 and national travel teaching, complimented with sight seeing and family vacations. Life is GOOD. Thanks to Donna & Marc Dewberry to have made all things possible.
MarJean Krupp
Elite One Stroke Certifies Instructor
Pacific North West Painting Specialist

MarJean Krupp, Elite OSCI, can be contacted at:
Phone: 206 949 8601