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home for the holidays
by Kathy Sweeney, Elite OSCI

By Kathy Sweeney, Elite, OSCI

-Vintage Hat Box or Train Case

FolkArt Acrylic Colors
-922 Bayberry
-901 Wicker White

FolkArt Artists' Pigment
-458 Sap Green

FolkArt Metallics
-675 Metallic Champagne
-669 Metallic Periwinkle
-676 Metallic Inca Gold

FolkArt One Stroke™ Brushes
-¾' Flat
-12 Flat
-Mini Scruffy
-Fan Brush

Additional Supplies
-Tracing Paper (gray or white)
-Transfer Paper
-Stylus or Pencil
-Styrofoam Plate
-FolkArt Lacquer, Satin Finish #774

Clean the surface so that it is free of dirt and grime. Trace the pattern and transfer to the surface. Tip: Build the design by first painting a “bed” of greenery; next paint the flowers, and finally insert a few more leaves crossing over a few of the flowers. This assembly will give the arrangement more depth. Load the brushes for both the leaves and the flowers at the same time so that you can switch back and forth as needed.

(Refer to color worksheet throughout)

These long narrow leaves are like blades of grass. Load the ¾” flat brush with Sap Green and a touch of Bayberry. Blend well. Lead with the Bayberry side as you start at the base of the leaf exerting pressure to flatten the brush and slide, easing up on the pressure as you move to the tip. Pick up more or less Bayberry to vary the shading on each leaf. The leaves in the “bed of greenery” will overlap.     
The whole and partial flowers are painted with Metallic Periwinkle and Wicker White using the #12 flat brush. Load predominantly with the Periwinkle and then pick up a small amount of the white and blend. Keep the wiggle strokes very loose. On the whole flowers make one skirt, than add a second layer topped off with a center pounced with the Sap Green and dotted with gold.

Baby's Breath:     
This very loose and wispy baby's breath are done with the fan brush. Some are done in Metallic Inca Gold and some are done in Metallic Champagne. Dip the tips of the fan brush into a small puddle of the paint. Tap it on the Styrofoam plate a couple of times to ensure that the hairs all separate. Now that the fan brush is loaded, hold it at a 45 degree angle to the surface and begin to tap in the baby's breath arcing out from the starting place. Return to the same starting place to make a second wispy stand. Just add a little here and there for that romantic look!

Allow the surface to dry thoroughly and finish with several light coats of FolkArt Lacquer, Satin Finish #774.


Kathy is one of those transplanted New Englanders who, after over 20 years, now calls South Carolina "home". She and Eddie, the love of her life, live in the Oceanside community of James Island, across the Ashley River from historic Charleston. Kathy has two children, Michael and Rebecca, a granddaughter, Sarah, and Jack the one-eyed cat.

Kathy has dabbled in decorative painting since 1978, but it wasn't until she met Donna Dewberry at a seminar in 1998, and discovered the excitement of One Stroke, that she was inspired to pursue it as a career. Kathy was certified in February of 2000 and never looked back! In October of 2001 Kathy was certified as a Donna Dewberry Wall and Furniture Specialist and in March 2003 she became an Elite OSCI.
She credits her family for encouraging her to follow her dreams. Together they helped her name her business, House Dressing Decorative Painting. They were brainstorming over lunch one day, trying to find a name that would be different, catchy, and encompass a wide variety of painting services when Kathy ordered a salad with the house dressing. They all yelled at once, “House Dressing!”   
Although Kathy works full time as the Office Manager for a busy church office, she makes time to teach One Stroke, paint walls, and participate in local craft shows in South Carolina. Her long-range plans include the opening of her own shop in the not too distant future.

Kathy Sweeney, Elite OSCI, can be contacted at: