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the old boot in the gardenby Sandra Harling, Elite OSCI

By Sandra Harling, Elite OSCI

-An Old Leather Boot, Available at Most Second Hand Stores

FolkArt Acrylic Paints
-901 Wicker White
-924 Thicket
-436 Engine Red
-432 Sunflower
-964 Midnight
-922 Bayberry
-938 Licorice

Brushes and Daubers
FolkArt One Stroke™ Brushes
-1172 Scruffy Brush
-10 Flat
-Script Liner
-Plaid ¼ inch Stencil Décor Dauber

Additional Supplies
-Stylus or Pencil
-White Transfer Paper
-Matte Lacquer Spray

Wipe boots with alcohol. It is highly recommended that you use a boot that has minimal shoe polish on it. The boot polish may cause the paint or lacquer to react. If the boot is highly polished it may be necessary to wipe the boot several times then spray lightly with the matte spray. If you are not sure about the possible reaction then test a small area that will not be highly visible or that can be painted over after the test is done. Allow the boot to dry thoroughly. Use the scruffy brush loaded with Licorice to cover excessively scuffed or discolored areas. The design can be transferred to the boot but it is suggested that you may have better results if you freehand the design.

(Refer to color worksheet or pictures throughout)

Double load the #10 flat brush with Bayberry and Thicket. Paint the vines and leaves using the color worksheet as a guide. Color on the outside can be reversed or changed depending on the boot colour.  

For best results do not wet the dauber. Dip the dauber into a puddle of the main color of the berry then pick up a very small amount of Wicker White. Refer to pictures or color worksheet.  Blend the Wicker White by gently pouncing the dauber on a foam plate. The Wicker White creates the highlight. Be careful not to pounce off too much of paint, you just want to blend the colors together. To create the berry gently pounce the dauber straight up and down two or three times. Reload the dauber whenever necessary. If the berries appear to be too translucent allow them to dry and pounce them a second time.

Allow the boot to dry and spray with 1-2 light coats of Matte Lacquer Spray.

Design Created By Sandra Harling


After 34 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, Sandra Harling has retired to spend her time doing what she has always wanted to do, paint. Her husband, Rick, introduced Sandra to One Stroke while he was channel surfing one day and saw Donna on The Shopping Channel. Rick made the comment that Donna had done more in 15 minutes than Sandra had done all of that day. Patience is not one of Sandra's virtues so One Stroke was just what she had been looking for.  That was just the beginning of a wonderful second career.
Sandra became an OSCI in June 2000 and an Elite OSCI in March of 2002. She has been teaching at Michaels for three years and also teaches out of the studio that Rick has built for her in their home in Calgary, Alberta.  
Rick is her biggest fan and Sandra hopes that he will join her as an OSCI when he retires next year so that they can teach together all over Canada.
Sandra Harling can be reached at:
Phone: 403 257-5666
Fax: 403 257-6644