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Chocolate Covered Strawberries
By Shelby Spencer, O.S.C.I.
Wooden Hearts (Approx. 11 hearts), Available at craft stores
6" clay pot
Folk-Art Acrylic Colors
Engine Red
School Bus Yellow
Green Forest
Maple Syrup
Wicker White
Folk-Art One Stroke Brushes
3/4" flat
#12 flat
#8 flat
Script liner (1171C)
Wooden Skewers
Folk-Art Sanding Sealer
Folk-Art Lacquer Finish, Glossy
Pink Tissue Paper
Hot Glue Gun
Red Ribbon
Floral Picks
Styrofoam to fit 6" clay pot
Spray hearts with Folk-Art Sanding Sealer, and lightly sand.
Base coat clay pot with Wicker White.
(Refer to color worksheet throughout)
Chocolate Covered Strawberries:
Strawberries: Double load a 3/4" flat with Engine Red and School Bus Yellow. With Engine Red to the outside of your brush, paint around the heart, then fill in the center. Load script liner with Green Forest, then dip end of script liner in School Bus Yellow, and add dimples to the strawberries. Paint small comma strokes for the dimples.
Leaves: Double-load a #8 flat with Green Forest and School Bus Yellow. Paint three One Stroke leaves.
Paint the bottom of each strawberry with a #12 flat loaded with Maple Syrup. Let Dry. Use a script liner loaded with inky Wicker White to add white chocolate swirls.
Clay Pot:
Paint rim and the top one-third of the pot with Engine Red using a 3/4" flat.
Paint the bottom two-thirds of the pot with Maple Syrup using a 3/4" flat.
Add dimples using a script liner loaded with Green Forest and School Bus Yellow. Paint One Stroke leaves around the rim of the pot with a #12 flat, loaded with Green Forest and School Bus Yellow. Use a script liner, loaded with inky Wicker White to paint white chocolate swirls around the base of pot.
Hot glue wooden skewers to the back of each strawberry. Let dry. Paint back of strawberry and skewer with Engine Red. Let dry and spray with glossy lacquer sealer. Cut red ribbon and tie bow to the skewer at the bottom of the heart.
Cut 5-12" squares and 10-6" squares of pink tissue paper. Grab the square in the middle and pull the paper up with the other hand. Wrap floral pick around the tissue paper, where you grabbed it in the center.
Spray clay pot with glossy lacquer sealer. Let dry.
Place styrofoam in clay pot, then place the 12" square floral picks in the back of pot. Use 6" square floral picks to cover the Styrofoam. Arrange strawberries in the pot.
Shelby lives with her husband, Harold in Castle Hayne, a small town north of
Wilmington, NC. Shelby began painting in 1995 and soon discovered One
Stroke painting. She attended certification in Atlanta (2002) and began
teaching in June 2002. She currently teaches at a local art center and at her home studio. Teaching is great fun for Shelby. She loves to see beginner students complete their first project.
Shelby loves to paint on all surfaces from glass to walls. She especially likes to paint on walls and has painted most of her walls at home. Her most recent job was at a dentist office, where she painted a beach scene on the walls. You can see pictures of the walls on her web site:
Shelby Spencer, OSCI
6402 Grandview Dr.
Castle Hayne, NC 28429