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By Donna Dewberry
White Ceramic Door Hanger
Fol-kArt Enamel Colors
4001 Wicker White
4007 Berry Wine
4022 Thicket
4018 Sunflower
4016 School Bus Yellow
4023 Italain Sage
4032 Licorice
4012 Burnt Umber
4033 Metallic Pure Gold
Folk-Art One Stroke Brushes
# 8 and #12 Flats
# 1 Script Liner
Foam Plates
Paper Towels
Clean surface with soap and water, allow surface to dry before painting. Trace or draw pattern on project.
(Refer to color worksheet throughout)
Double-load a #12 flat brush with Sunflower and Thicket. With the Thicket to the outer edge, paint the wiggle leaves and the One Stroke leaves. On chisel edge, leading with Sunflower, drag stems into leaves.
Double-load a #8 flat with Wicker White and Berry Wine. With Berry Wine to the outer edge, paint the flowers. Alternate with Wicker White on outer edge for some flowers.
Load a #8 flat with Italian Sage and paint sage calyx using the same stroke as the flower.
Load a #1 script liner in Burnt Umber and paint the stem into the calyx.
Load a # 1 Script Liner with Italian Sage and paint the stamen. Wipe brush off and pick up a little School Bus Yellow, alternating with Licorice, and lightly dot tops of stamen. While script liner is loaded with School Bus Yellow, add coma-stroke to center of full flower.
Load a #1 Script Liner with Metallic Pure Gold and line outer edge of heart.
Allow project to cure for 48 hours. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to set paint. Make sure to remove ribbon before baking. Take out of oven and allow to cool.