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By Carrie Rodman

Painting has become a true passion for Carrie. This table is just one of the many that she has restored to beauty. Carrie loves taking furniture that has lost its appeal and turning it into a piece of art to be enjoyed.

Carrie lives in Michigan where she teaches several days each week in Ypsilanti and Belleville. Carrie enjoys teaching very much, though she still likes to create items for others enjoyment. She sells her hand painted items through 4 local stores and also frequents many local craft shows and farmers markets.

You may contact Carrie Rodman, OSCI

By Joan Drost, Elite, OSCI Joan has been doing ONE Stroke since 1998. She was certified in June 2000 and Elite certified in March 2003. Joan is married and has one married son as well as one "furry child" (dog).
You may contact Joan Drost, Elite OSCI at:

By Gloria J. Legan, OSCI

This is a floorcloth that I painted at a wall seminar in Erie, PA with Cathy Becker. Since I am a teacher at JoAnn etc in Mentor, Ohio, I offered this as one of our classes. The students that have taken the classes were so happy with their results, especially using their own imagination matching the colors with their own home decors. Many of them have continued painting them for gifts and a couple have used them as designs painted on canvas for wall hangings. This is just a piece of plain linoleum, painted on the back side. A very inexpensive surface. I hope this encourages others to try this as a surface to see how easy it is and how much fun it is to do. It should be given about five coats of the FolkArt outdoor varnish, and then it can be washed as you would wash your kitchen floor.

You may contact Gloria J. Legan, OSCI at:

By Gretchen Lee, OSCI

I am a decorator, seamstress and a muralist. I saw Donna paint on QVC and thought the ONE Stroke method would work great in some of my murals, so I ordered a kit and started practicing and soon I was hooked on ONE Stroke. Last January I was certified by Maribel Delgado as an OSCI. Now I am teaching classes in my studio and having a great time. I grow gourds and decorate them and when I saw this particular gourd I just knew it had to be a goose. Before I painted the flowers, I put on a layer of crumpled white tissue paper with satin sealer (like you would decoupage) It gave it an interesting texture and also strengthen the beak which I made out of Sculpy clay and hardened with my butane lighter. I think she really has personality and she greets all of my customers on my studio porch.

You may contact Gretchen Lee at:

By Sherry Lyles, OSCI

I am married with one child; my son who is now 6 and starting the first grade. He is the apple of my eye. I live in the panhandle of Florida. I have been painting for about 7 years. Not only am I an OSCI but I have dabbled in oil and tole painting. I have just started teaching and the basket was my first class that wasn't friends or family. I am a member and the newsletter editor for the Emerald Coast Painters of Panama City, Fl; which is my local SDP as well as a member of the
Tallahassee chapter.

The basket was inspired by both Donna Dewberry and Donna Lee’s Hydrangeas. They remind me of my childhood, as my grandmother’s yard was always filled with them in the summer. The Faux doily was just something I had seen in The and thought I just had to try. I picked a basket because it was something I thought everyone one could use, picnic’s, magazines by your favorite chair; the uses are endless

You may contact Sherry M. Lyles, OSCI at:
13705 Nashua Ave
Fountain, Fl 32438

By Bertie Porter, OSCI

Bertie began painting with oils and gradually switched to watercolor. She first became a member of The Society of Decorative Painters (SDP) in 1989. It only took her “one stroke” to become hooked on ONE Stroke™ painting. She began taking three to four classes a month and completed her certification within the year. After becoming certified she started instructing at local adult communities and campgrounds.

Bertie is married and has one son. Her husband, Bill, is her biggest fan, always telling anyone who will listen that she is a Donna Dewberry ONE Stroke™ Certified Instructor. She grew up in Maryland, spent her adult life living and working in Delaware. After working for the Delaware Air National Guard for over 30 years she retired and now resides in Florida.

You may contact Bertie Porter, OSCI at:

By Lena Pfeffer, OSCI

I discovered ONE Stroke painting purely by accident. Walking through Michaels one day 3 ½ years ago, I noticed painting projects that were being offered. I’ve always wanted to paint and thought this would be a great introduction. After beginning the class, I found out that it was called ONE Stroke and was by Donna Dewberry. It was so much fun and the results were immediate. Soon, I was buying all the ONE Stroke books and videos I could find. I lean towards painting the unusual – windows, items from flea markets and thrift shops, and, of course, my Halloween Monster Family. I teach classes and offer this each fall and always get terrific responses from students. I love opening my front door near Halloween time and find people examining my extended family! They are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face! I was recently certified in Baltimore, MD in May, 2003!

You may contact Lena Pfeffer, OSCI at:
Lena Pfeffer, OSCI
2 Jason Court
Holmdel, NJ 07733-1221

By Mary Beth Thompson, OSCI

I have been crafting pretty much all my life, and painting for the last 21 years. About 2 and a half years ago, I first noticed Donna's ONE Stroke method on several mailboxes in my neighborhood and was very excited and completely determined to find out more about it. That was just the beginning. Around that time I also started working at Michaels Arts and Crafts in High Point, NC as Events Coordinator. Part of my responsibilities include: decorating the front doors with seasonal painting. One of the customers liked the floral borders I had painted around the edges of the door and asked me to decorate a dresser set she bought for her grand daughter at a yard sale. We decided that a white background would be pretty so she brought it to me ready to paint. I have to say it was a lot of fun and has inspired me to start a wall and furniture decorating business!

I had the privilege of meeting Donna and became an OSCI in February this year and at this time I am teaching ONE Stroke at Michaels, now located in Greensboro, NC and working out of my home at launching my new freelance painting business. I also have been listing some of my mailboxes on eBay.

Mary Beth Thompson, OSCI, can be reached at:

By Penny D. Laich, OSCI

I have been an OSCI for over 5 years, teaching and painting, but had never painted and designed a special project for our “furry” family member. Our Dutchess needed help keeping her eating area tidy, so I became inspired. This whimsical, yet functional, petmat is fashioned from a floor remnant. It’s an easy and fun design. A quick project using our ONE Stroke sponges and Scruffy!!!

You may contact Penny Laich, OSCI, at:
1011 Arthur Ave.
Bristol, Pa. 19007

By Alicia Keyes
I was introduced to ONE Stroke painting three years ago and suddenly found myself in the painting business! One of my most popular pieces is birdbaths. This particular birdbath was a gift for my sister. It has dragonflies buzzing around a field of blue wild flowers. The birdbath is made from two different size terra-cotta flower pots and a flower pot base. You can use any size flower pots.
If displaying outside, I finish the inside and outside of all the pieces with three coats of exterior varnish to protect against moisture. I also use silicone caulking to adhere the top to the birdbath. This piece also makes a great side table in a casual room.
I’m scheduled to attend certification class in Orlando this November and I eventually would like to expand my small business to painting wall murals.
You may contact Alicia Keyes at:

By Mary Schultz

I fell in love with ONE Stroke painting after I completed a 5-week ONE Stroke adult education painting class last fall with OSCI, Susan Wimbley. My husband was not working, my company was on a wage freeze, and I wanted to create some wonderful holiday gifts on a budget.

As far as personal benefits, the gifts that I created were just icing on the cake! I work full time as a commercial Credit Manager and my job is very stressful. I fell in love with this ONE Stroke painting and found it to be a stress reliever, as well as a creative outlet. I caught the ONE Stroke addiction and have been having a great time ever since!

My former passion was with cooking and entertaining, and I have an impressive cookbook collection. Now I buy Donna’s painting books instead of cookbooks, and we eat very simply so that I have more time to paint!

My husband works as an interpretive volunteer at the National Zoo with the giant pandas. I wanted to paint some original creations for the man I love--something that he didn’t already have in his extensive panda collection. We live in PA with 2 spoiled cats and a house full of pandas (collectibles). So I have lots of inspiration to draw from for my panda painting.

The word has spread, and I now keep busy with orders for painted panda items for other panda volunteers and panda lovers.

When we needed a baby gift for the Program Coordinator who manages the Giant Panda Interpretive volunteers at the Zoo, and didn’t know the sex of the baby, I designed these onsies with baby pandas, which were the perfect solution. They were easy to paint and were a big hit!! They are painted just like Donna’s penguins in the Merry Makers Book, just a different lovable critter and a different shape!

You may contact Mary Schultz at:
Email :

By John Kent, OSCI

My name is John Kent; I’m married live in Onalaska, Wisconsin. I was certified in Minneapolis, Minnesota in May of 2003. I have been painting and teaching ceramics for 35 years. I have always wanted to become a brushstroke artist, so I took the ONE Stroke Seminar. I love to paint, at this time I’m teaching 72 students a month the ONE Stroke Painting Technique at my store, and at the local Michael's Store in Onalaska. My other hobbies are: Rodeo, and riding our Gold Wing motorcycle with my wife Anita.

John Kent, OSCI, can be contacted at:
100 South Second Ave.
Onalaska, Wisconsin 54650
(608) 783-1040