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tuscan pillow
by Merry Cosgrove, OSCI

By Merry Cosgrove, OSCI, DDWFS
-Pre-Primed Canvas, Approx. 16”x20”, Available at Most Craft Stores
FolkArt Acrylic Colors
-825 Taffy
-939 Butter Pecan
-432 Sunflower
-924 Thicket
-434 Berry Wine
-964 Midnight Blue
FolkArt Artists’ Pigments
-917 Yellow Ochre
-463 Dioxazine Purple
-462 Burnt Umber
FolkArt ONE Stroke™ Brushes
-16 Flat
-12 Flat
-10 Flat
-Script Liner
-Plaid Sponge (AD 1195)
-3/4” Flat
Additional Supplies
-789 Plaid Matte Finish
-Clear Paste Wax (Bowling Alley Wax)
-868Floating Medium
-Braided Trim
-Tassels, 4 or 8 Dependent on Size (2 Separate Colors Used to Match Pillow)
-Tracing Paper
-Blue Painters Tape
-Pillow Batting
-Needle and Thread
-Fabric of Choice, project used Antique Chianti Gold by Waverly
Living near the Napa Valley, in California. The vineyards and rolling hills have an impact on design and home décor. Here’s my addition to our home décor with a bit of the Wine country flair!
Measure down from the outside 1 to 1- ½” down from the top and use a ruler to measure to the center of the canvas. You are creating an envelope “v” area. (See design) Tape off area with blue tape. With the 3/4” flat brush paint the inside of the taped off area with Taffy. Once dry add a second coat, while drying remove the tape and let dry completely.
Once dry; tape off the edges of the “V” area and load a dampened Plaid sponge with Butter Pecan on one side and Yellow Ochre on the other. You will pick up small amounts of Sunflower (on the Butter Pecan side) and Burnt Umber (on the Yellow Ochre side) depending on how dark or light you want the pillow to be. I used smaller amounts of the Burnt Umber towards the center and more towards the edges. After first coat is dry paint a second coat.
(Refer to color worksheet throughout)
Load the #2 script liner brush with inky Burnt Umber. Paint the vines according to the pattern, overlapping the vines, starting at the side of the pillow front and working inward.
Double load the #16 flat brush with Thicket and Burnt Umber on one side of the brush and a small amount of Taffy and the Butter Pecan on the other side. Work the colors into your brush and paint the grape leaves and wiggle leaves. Continue to use Thicket and a touch of Burnt Umber on the one side of your brush and Butter Pecan with a small amount of Taffy on the other. Using the #16 flat brush paint ONE Stroke leaves as per the pattern, making the leaves look as if they intertwine around the vines, pulling the stems into the leaves as you go.
Load the #12 flat brush with Yellow Ochre and side load Burnt Umber. With the Burnt Umber to the outer edge, paint the grapes, overlapping as you go. As you pick up more paint, alternate your colors such as picking up a small amount of Taffy, Thicket or Butter Pecan. The alternative paints will create a variety of colors in your grapes. Double load Dioxazine Purple and Berry Wine. Paint the purple grapes. Add Midnight Blue on the Dioxazine Purple side to alternate colors. With a dirty brush, load Floating Medium to create a muddy look and paint a few shadow grapes.
Shadow Leaves:
Load the #10 flat brush with Floating Medium and a small amount of Burnt Umber, paint ONE Stroke shadow leaves.
Load the #2 script liner with inky Burnt Umber and paint the curlicues.
Grape Stems:
With the #2 script liner and inky Burnt Umber, paint the stems on some of the grapes using a touch-pull stroke.
Sign your project.
When dry, lightly spray the entire surface with several coats of matte sealer. Wax on two coats of bowling alley (clear paste) wax. Rub on and wipe off allowing surface to dry between coats. Pin cording and tassels onto front of painted surface, once dry. Sew cording along edge, overlapping at the opening area. Sew back fabric panel on to pillow front, and turn in side out. Fill with pillow batting and hand-sew opening closed.
Professionally, Merry is a corporate trainer and business management consultant. With 25 years in dentistry/healthcare, she works with clients all over the country providing training in customer service and business and financial systems. Along with her busy schedule, Merry teaches ONE Stroke classes regularly.
Merry was certified in January 2001 in Phoenix and in January of 2002 became a Wall and Furniture Specialist. The greatest aspect of ONE Stroke along with the painting has been the incredible friends she has met along the way. “ From Wyoming to New Jersey, there is incredible talent and GREAT people involved in ONE Stroke.”
Merry lives in Northern California with her husband Rocky, daughter Samantha (Samm), and Rocky’s five children. It’s a busy and entertaining home where there is always a new surface to paint!
You may contact Merry Cosgrove, OSCI, DDWFS