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pretty in pansies cubby shelf
by Frank Dumlao, OSCI

By Frank Dumlao, OSCI
-Cubby Hole Shelf, Available at the Artist Club
FolkArt Acrylic Colors
-434 Berry Wine
-924 Thicket
-901 Wicker White
-432 Sunflower
-638 Purple Passion
-736 School Bus Yellow
-935 Maple Syrup
FolkArt Artists’ Pigment
-917 Yellow Ochre
-463 Dioxazine Purple

FolkArt ONE Stroke™ Brushes
-3/4” Flat
-12 Flat
-10 Flat
-Script Liner
-Small Scruffy Brush
-Large Scruffy Brush
Additional Supplies
-Transfer Paper
-Stylus or Pencil
-868 Floating Medium
-FolkArt Lacquer Spray Clear Satin Finish
-FolkArt Clearcoat Acrylic Sealer
-#400 Sandpaper
Prepare shelf surface by sanding the ruff spots. Seal the shelf with acrylic sealer. When dry, sand until smooth. Basecoat with shelf with Wicker White. Transfer your pattern.
(Refer to color worksheet throughout)
Vine on Arch:
Double load the #12 flat brush with Sunflower and Thicket. Start on the chisel edge, leading with Sunflower; paint the vine starting from the center toward the ends of the arch. Paint ONE Stroke leaves from the center toward the ends of the arch as per the vines.

The checks are made using the 3/4" flat brush. Load the brush with Thicket. Dip in Floating Medium stroke 2-3 times and begin painting checks. The distance of the check is the width of the chisel end of the brush. Begin with painting the vertical sides, than the horizontal. Without much pressure paint the check than estimate the space between as being equal to the width (3/4") of the brush, paint the next check.
Note: The numbers of checks are as follows: Vertical 5 down in between each vertical 2 checks.

Double load the #12 flat brush with Maple Syrup and Sunflower. As with the vine start in the center. On the chisel edge leading with Sunflower, paint the raffia using wavy chisel strokes toward the ends making sure to overlap and create a tangle look.

Vine Around Raffia:
Double load the #12 brush with Thicket and Sunflower. On the chisel leading with Sunflower, starting from the left of the raffia, paint the vine around the raffia. Each section starting from the bottom paint over the raffia ending on the top. Repeat until you have painted the entire raffia end to end.

ONE Stroke Leaves:
Double load the #12 flat brush with Thicket and Sunflower occasionally adding a touch of Maple syrup on the Thicket side. Start on the left ending on the right side of the vine. Paint the ONE Stroke leaves.
The background of the main element is painted using the large scruffy brush double loaded with Thicket and Sunflower. Pounce from the center tapering toward the ends.
There are two colors of Pansy. Dioxazine Purple and Wicker White, and Purple Passion and Wicker White (Center Pansy).
Double load the 3/4 flat brush with one of the combination above, which ever you are painting on the Wicker White side touch a little of the purple to tint the Wicker White a light lavender. Leading with Wicker White (lavender color) Wiggle two top petals. On each side of the petal that was just painted, paint a wiggle petal this time reversing the paint, leading with the dark color. The bottom petal is painted using a wiggle stroke leading with the lighter color. With the Script liner and Dioxazine Purple diluted with water to an inky consistency, paint the stroked lines. Using the end of the script liner handle, dip in School Bus Yellow and paint the dot.
Wiggle Leaves:
Double load the ¾”flat brush with Thicket and Sunflower. Paint the
wiggle leaves. Using the same brush, paint larger ONE Stroke leaves.
ONE Stroke Leaves:
Double load the #12 flat brush with Thicket and Sunflower. Paint the ONE
Stroke leaves.
Double load the #12 flat brush with Berry Wine and Wicker White. On the chisel edge, leading with the Wicker White, paint each petal of each daisy. Push, lean, stroke, and lift. Double load small scruffy with Thicket and Sunflower. Pounce the centers. For side view daisy use Thicket and Sunflower and paint the bottom of the flower adding the stem as needed.

Petal Flowers:
There are two color types. Double load the #12 flat brush with Yellow Ochre and School Bus Yellow or School Bus Yellow and Sunflower. Paint the petal flower. The center is painted with the end of the script liner brush handle using Maple Syrup on the Sunflower flower and School Bus Yellow on the Yellow Ochre flower.
With the script liner paint curlicues using Thicket thinned to an inky consistency.

Seal the project using the Clear Satin Spray.

Design Created by Frank Dumlao

I am a partner with my wife and a few friends in a craft business we began in 1997 we call Longtime Friends. We specialize in wreaths and other decorative items for the home and office.

As we began to research ways to enhance our wreath and products, we discovered decorative painting. With a few lessons in traditional decorative painting sometimes referred to as tole painting, I became fascinated with the potential this combination of cutting and painting our own pieces had. Eventually I was led to ONE Stroke from demos I saw on QVC with Donna Dewberry. Because of the ease and quickness of the technique in producing a finished product, I was hooked.

I received my ONE Stroke Certified Instructor (OSCI) as a means to also share and teach this technique to others.

As a teacher by profession I would like to share this technique of ONE Stroke using my skills in teaching with as many people who are interested. I know the joy that comes from art and creativity is boundless. I hope that through my classes each student will discover the hidden talent and creativity within.

Frank Dumlao, OSCI, can be contacted at: